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I realised eteachers are a scam conning unsuspecting christians for money. The guy who responds to your details online is very persuasive.

He sounds so polite but evil and unsuspectingly deceptive. Once you realise that You have been conned and try to come out the deal they bevome agressive and then the topic changes to demanding for money. even you have not commenced your studies. Before you know it they have taken out your money.

Once they take your bank details they withhold them until they are ready to pounce on your money.

They are not real. Brothers and sisters please stay away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eteacher Group Teacher.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The more I read these ridiculous remarks, the more I realize that someone has an agenda to take out e-teacher. I love the e-teacher group.

I am a student and unlike all these peeps complaining, I know that when you sign up for a course anywhere there are rules and you have to pay if you cancel. When you sign up and then cancel, you have stopped another student from getting that spot. If you care to know, I am doing very well in my class and my instructor speaks many languages and knows many other unspoken languages besides Biblical Hebrew.

I did check with the Hebrew University of Israel in Jerusalem. They have the e-teacher, aka Biblical Institute listed as their online course for academic credit.


seems a company insterested only in profit, and not in teaching hebrew.

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