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Value for money
Advertised vs Delivered
Equipment Quality
I would reccomend to be very careful of eTeacherHebrew and NEVER to trust them! They sell products and "packages", the prices differ in spoken and written form, even in 80 USS. - When purchased the Ulpan, they cheated with the original price and their "reduction", in written offer were different numbers, when offered by phone they said again different prices and in the "bill" there was again different price. - Offered number of lessons was...
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" but all they sent me was a useless set of Hebrew letters to stick on a computer keyboard. Nothing to adapt a computer.(?) I mailed them back to eTeacher. I have canceled the account from which they withdrew funds. If you are scammed by this company don't waste a moment canceling your account(s)! Also, don't trust any of their so called "customer service reps." They are just playing for time. I'm ashamed and disappointed if this company...
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Eteacher Group - A Cautionary Tale From A Long Term Customer
I first found this company in 2012 and signed up for two courses Biblical Hebrew A and Aramaic. I had read theology 40 years previously and wanted to revise Biblical Hebrew. BHA was a dream with a wonderful Israeli teacher. Aramaic less so with a very strange man who used to yawn loudly when you were attempting to read Aramaic verses, on two separate occasions I was left for an hour at the beginning of a lesson staring at a blank screen...
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I liked
  • Well qualified teachers
I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Irresponsible administrative staff
  • Incompetent teachers
I signed up for the Modern Hebrew course which is due to start in June. It is now April. I have paid £236.77 to date. I want to cancel and expected 75% back. They have stated that the cancellation fee is 147.9375 GBP; the amount I will be refunded is £88.8325 ( 236.77 - 147.9375). How is that 75%? The total tuition is £591.75 They have used the following calculation: 25% of 591.75 is 147.9375 so because I am due a 75% refund they have used...
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This company take money and don't give good product.Promise refund never received anything. Still demanding payment.Seeking legal action.
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Eteacher Group Hebrew Course Review

Amazing course! I really love my teacher! Wish all the best ☺