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Eteacher Group Biblical Hebrew Course Review from Fontana, California 2 of 3 people found it helpful
Customer service is awful.They are telling me they will sue because I dropped out due to poor customer service. The teachers are great, but I'm done with them. They don't call me for a week, lie and say they called every day. I can subpoena the phone records for court, honey. These people are 2nd rate amateurs. Go to a real school. I will use Oregon State for my Hebrew Studies, as this isn't worth the headache. The teachers are wonderful but...
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so I was never able to access the course I paid for. I spoke to Eteacher Group representatives and was told that the log on was sent to me. They did not give it to me nor emailed to me. Yet I was charged $100 monthly for the course. They never gave me a local New York number nor a name to reach anyone. Now that I have blocked them from cashing in on my credit card, I promptly received an email with a local number and a name asking me for...
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I didn't like
  • Irresponsible administrative staff
That takes 3 to 5 business days for them to get back to you. Interesting thing is I have gotten several emails from them saying they have been trying to contact me and can't get in touch. I always have my phone on me and have no missed calls from them. They are liars. Do not do business with anyone from eteacher. I find it interesting that I signed up to take a biblical Hebrew class and something based on the Bible has such a dishonest...
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I have taken 3 biblical hebrew classes and problems are always difficult to solve. So they wanted me to pay in advance, which i did, just over $1100. I was assured they would match me with this teacher but today they said they were not able to. No problem just give me a refund. Now i have to wait for a call to have them review the policy with me. They are very agressive and want your money but not as quick to return it. This is so wrong. I was...
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